• No Hassle Claims
    ClaimTECH removes the litigation from 3rd party MVA Claims to ensure maximum cash flow and savings to
    our hospitals and insurance providers.


Save over 50% on all 3rd Party MVA Claims

Get lien released in less than 5 days

HIPAA compliant claim portal

Easily monitor claim status in real time


Direct payment from insurance carriers

Make up to 2x revenue on 3rd Party MVA Claims

Get paid in just 3-5 days

Remove outstanding claims from your books


Bridges the gap between insurance providers and hospitals

Settles 3rd Party MVA Claims without the need for time consuming and expensive litigation

Creates improved savings and cash flow for all parties

Lien Released

Auto Processing

ClaimTECH's portal automatically receives, classifies, and processes claims 24-7 in real-time

Claim Management

Claims are constantly algorithmically processed to optimize settlement time and savings

Claim Settlement

Statuses and progress are notated and monitored throughout the claim settlement process

Digital Invoicing

Once settlement is reached the ClaimTECH portal automatically invoices parties involved

Instant Payment

Online payments are then received and processed once invoice has been issued, reducing payment delay

Quick Resolution

The entire ClaimTECH solutions process ensures quick and accurate resolution of claims with optimal savings