ClaimTECH Solutions delivers a unique and critical service by bridging the gap between insurance providers and hospitals to settle 3rd Party MVA Claims without the need for time consuming and expensive litigation.

Hospitals with Trauma centers see many MVA patients. A large portion of these claims involve third party claimants. The lack of ability to properly identify the responsible party throws the hospital into the precarious position of having to file a lien on the claim to ensure getting paid upon resolution of the claim. These cases often get protracted for various reasons and the claim can often reside on the hospital's accounts receivables for months, sometimes much longer. When the hospital finally does get reimbursed, it is often at a substantially lower figure than the original bill. So after months of waiting, the payment received is very small.

Meanwhile, the auto insurance company is notified by their insured, the injured claimant or a plaintiff attorney, that there has been a medical claim generated as a result of an accident. The insurance company is then compelled to perform its due diligence to determine if the party claiming damages is in fact entitled to any payments. With the dialogue impaired by compliance with HIPAA and the intervention of other parties, these bills become difficult to address and resolve.

ClaimTECH facilitates a connection directly between the hospital and the auto insurance company using a HIPAA compliant portal for claims to be settled in a fraction of the time, creating improved savings and cash flow for all parties. When a claim is settled with ClaimTECH it is settled for good, regardless of outside influences.

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